TalentDAO to launch series of governance experiments piloting voting tool Zodiac bot

Announcement: Calling all DAO junkies, governance gurus, and research lovers to participate in a series of governance experiments being conducted by the talentDAO research team in partnership with Collab.Land and RaidGuild.

What is it?

A series of governance experiences testing various voting strategies and reputation systems. The experiments will leverage the Discord based Zodiac bot module and test the following voting strategies:

  • One person one vote

  • Reputation weighted voting

  • Quadratic voting

  • Ranked choice voting

The results of the studies will inform Zodiac product development and help inform DAO governance and reputation research. Both research content and tooling developed will be open source.

What is Zodiac bot?

The Zodiac bot module is a new tool that extends Discord-based voting to execute transactions on-chain over a Gnosis Safe. The bot leverages the Zodiac pack of DAO modules that extend Gnosis safe functionality. For more context on the origins of this project check out this article.

Why participate?

  • Drive DAO governance framework and tooling innovation for the entire ecosystem

  • Get early access to bleeding edge governance tooling

  • Help shape the future of talentDAO

  • Get paid to participate

  • Earn reputation NFTs

Who is eligible to participate?

How can I become eligible?

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to become Orange Protocol verified as the campaign has ended. Do not worry! There are still numerous ways to become eligible to participate in the experiment!

The easiest way to become eligible is to follow us on Lens or join the talentDAO social media flock. If you are already an active contributor to talentDAO you may also be eligible for a Research or Writers guild governance badge - reach out to the talentDAO team in the Discord if you think you should be a Research Guild or Writers Guild badge holder.

How do I verify my eligibility?

Verify your wallet with Collab.Land by joining the Discord!

When will the experiments begin?

TalentDAO is actively working with RaidGuild and Collab.Land to implement v1 of the Zodiac bot module in Discord. Implementation will be completed in January 2023 and experiments are set to launch soon after. Stay tuned for more updates by following us on social and joining our Discord.

About talentDAO

talentDAO is a community of digital vagabonds, deranged scientists, and renegade internet natives, passionate about DAOs and the future of work. We believe DAOs can provide a path forward where knowledge is decentralized and talent is unlocked for the betterment of society.

Special thanks to Metacartel and the talentDAO Research Guild for funding this work.

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